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Tell us your early retirement secrets

August 20, 2013: 4:09 PM ET

Did you retire from your job before you hit 62? Would you like to share the secrets behind your early retirement?

For an upcoming story, MONEY magazine is looking for people who voluntarily retired between the ages of 55 and 62, and who can explain how they were able to achieve this goal. We'd like to talk to several different types of people:

  • Someone who retired early and does NOT have a pension.
  • Someone who downsized or moved to a cheaper area for a lower cost of living.
  • Someone who started a side business or took a second job while still working, in order to save more for retirement.

middle-aged-couple-retirement-financial-planning3.ju.03Tell us what you did to make your early retirement dream happen and the lessons you've learned along the way. What's been the biggest challenge? The biggest surprise?

Fill out the confidential form below, and we'll follow up with potential candidates. (We won't use any of your information unless we interview you and you agree to participate in the story.) You should be willing to share a brief description of your retirement assets and possibly be photographed for the magazine. Thank you!

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