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Online chat: What's wrong with the 401(k)?

April 23, 2013: 6:31 PM ET

Who profits more from your 401(k) — you or Wall Street?

That's the question posed by the the PBS Frontline documentary The Retirement Gamble, which premiered Tuesday night at 10 pm (and is viewable below). Calling retirement "the other financial crisis" — just 14% of Americans are very confident they'll be able to live comfortably once they stop working, and 17% believe they'll never retire at all — the documentary explores the threats to 401(k) accounts, the cornerstone of many workers' retirement plans.

Today, Wednesday, at 2 pm eastern time, you can join in a live online chat to discuss the issues raised by the investigation. Answering your questions will be Frontline correspondent Martin Smith, co-producer Marcela Gaviria, MONEY editor-at-large Penelope Wang, and policy analyst Robert Hiltonsmith, who was featured in the documentary.

Got a question for the live chat? Submit it below. And come back at 2 pm eastern, when the conversation begins.

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